About Us

Bonpinda is a small, family-based business which was conceptualised to provide ethically sourced uniforms and other wholesale items, in an environmentally conscious way, being aware of the impacts we have on our planet.

Bonpinda, is based in North East Victoria and will be moving to Darwin in 2020. The founders Siobhan and Pushpinder have worked in education settings in both Australia and overseas.

We have an ongoing commitment to prioritize our Supply Chain transparency and ensure that we regularly maintain and update in this area. Our goal is to achieve 100% transparency of our fabric sources and manufacturing.

We ensure that no child labour or vulnerable person is employed to produce any part of our garments. Endorsing these practices is not only important to us, but it is vital to educate and empower the manufacturers and factory owners that we work with

We also run a retail store as an extension to our wholesale business www.bonpinda.com 

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