Social Responsibility

Ethical sourcing and manufacturing for us is the process of ensuring all products are obtained and made in a responsible and sustainable way, that the workers involved in making them are safe and treated fairly and that environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration during the whole process.

We have established strict mechanisms for internal and external reporting to stay compliant with the Modern Slavery Act (Official Compliance Statement will be uploaded by 15th February)

We work with a small manufacturing unit and have personally visited and established procedures ourselves and continue to do this on a regular basis. We are in constant touch with all people involved in the manufacturing process and have strict guidelines with them to make sure that all workers are paid above award wage as we recognise the legal industry average is not necessarily sufficient to meet the daily needs of workers. Even when we are not there, we have trusted supervision throughout the manufacturing process with people who share our values and ethics and with whom we have developed a personal relationship with. 

We believe women should have the same working rights as men and that working should be by choice. We ensure the women working to make our products are treated the same as their male colleagues, free from harassment and are being awarded the same wage. No children are involved in any part of our production or manufacturing. In fact, the youngest garment maker is 29 years old.

We are passionate about education and believe that it should be accessible to all children. For all the Back to School orders we receive, we sponsor the education of the children whose parents are making your uniforms.

If our customers wish, we are happy to share details regarding who has made their clothes. We will also be sharing videos and more information on every individual involved in making the clothing as and when the coronavirus pandemic starts to come under control.

We minimize our waste wherever possible, with any off cuts from uniforms being used and made into products for our retail store.